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TLIB is the fastest and most flexible version-control system on the market, says VB Tech Journal
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25-Oct-2019:  TLIB has a minor compatibility issue with recent version of Windows. It seems that they do not allow Win32 programs to store files in the C:\ root directory, which is where TLIB For Windows stores its TLIB.INI file by default. If a Win32 program tries to access a file in the C:\ directory, Windows puts the file in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ folder, instead. (That's usually C:\Users\[WindowsUser]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\)
That can be very confusing. It means that when two different programs look at a file in the C:\ root folder, they may see completely different files.
The solution is to configure a TLIBINI environment variable, e.g., TLIBINI=C:\MainWorkDir\ to tell TLIB where to store its TLIB.INI file.
This problem also affects the TLIB installer. By default, TLIB installs to C:\TLIB\ but under recent versions of Windows to make that work you must first manually create the C:\TLIB\ folder, because if the installer creates the folder it will go in C:\Users\[WindowsUser]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ instead of the correct location.
10-Apr-2018:  Note our new phone number: 919-481-2183 +1 919-244-3316  (Also, we've discontinued the fax line.)
10-Aug-2016:  Dropbox fixup tool!  Dropbox burned us! It renamed several dozen current TLIB libraries with "conflicted copy" in the name (so, for example, TLIB library abc.pl____$ became "abc (OWNER-PC's conflicted copy 2016-08-02).pl____$"), and replaced them with old versions: shorter, and with older file dates, with no warning whatsoever.
To fix the mess, you need to compare the current version of each file with the "conflicted copy" version, and verify that the longer version is the same as the shorter version, except with additional data appended, and then make the longer version the current version. So we wrote a little program to do it. If you need it, see the Downloads page.

23-Dec-2005:  Email glitch!  Due to a mailserver problem, we apparently lost all emails sent to us between 3:37 PM and 9:17 PM on December 23, 2005. If you sent us an email during that time period, please resend it! We apologize for the inconvenience. Also, as always, please include the words "TLIB version control" in the subject line, to ensure that your message gets past our anti-spam filters.

16-Jun-2004: Now available: download the 30-day time-limited trial version of TLIB Version Control.

19-May-2004: TLIB Version Control 5.54k released!  See release.html for details.

17-Nov-2003: Because we were getting buried in a daily avalanche of spam, we have installed anti-spam filtering on our mail server. You can bypass the filter, and ensure that your email to us gets through to us, by mentioning "TLIB Version Control" anywhere in the subject line.

19-Sep-2003: We're pleased to report that Burton Systems Software weathered hurricane Isabel without significant damage.

7-Aug-2003: A somewhat improved preliminary PDF version of the TLIB Reference Manual is now available on this web site.


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Fax: (919) 481-3787  (no more fax!)
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General Info & tech support:  obfuscated email address

(When sending us email, please mention "TLIB Version Control" anywhere on the subject line, to reduce the likelihood that we will overlook your mail among flood of spam that we receive)


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